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Friday, October 14, 2005

Being Quiet

I have a quiet voice. You may have noticed this. And I bet you have been annoyed by it once or twice. I know how if feels because I get annoyed by really LOUD people.

You might have asked me to speak up. I understand and I try to accomodate. I usually end up yelling because I can't talk any louder. I just can't, okay? I'd actually rather not say anything at all than have to yell. So I might just be like, "nevermind" if it wasn't that important.

And I know sometimes people just gotta pretend they heard what I said and go, "u-huh", I've done it too.

But when it comes to serving my food, please don't pretend you heard what I said. If you're pouring gravy on my turkey and I say, "Can I have some more squash please?" it's not cool when you THOUGHT I asked for gravy on my squash. Do you realize how uncool that is?

Anyway, I was thinking that with the advances in technology, isn't there something I can do about my decibel? Breathing excercises? Surgery? Anything? Anyone? Beuller?


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