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Monday, September 12, 2005

Update on Adam's Health

I know how much everyone cares about Adam, so here is an update. He went to a doctor today to make sure this pinched nerve thingie is dealt with properly. She said he should take more time off work and take it easy. She's going to take some X-rays on Thursday. It seems that the swelling has not gone down as much as was anticipated.

She took his blood pressure three times during the exam because it was high the first time and she wanted to be sure she got an accurate reading. The first reading was 130/90 (regular is 120/80, you probably knew that but I didn't so I thought I'd mention it just in case). The second was 160/90 and I don't know what the third reading was. Anyway, he's got some high blood pressure goin' on so the doctor wants him to check it at the pharamacy every day for a week and report back.

She took some blood work, as well. We will know more on Thursday.

Wait, this stuff is usually confidential. But oh, wait - do I care? Nah.


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