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Thursday, July 28, 2005

3 Nicknames

Oh. By the way, I'm double posting. So if your name is either Bonnie or Rebecca and you were looking forward to seeing some kitten pictures, today is your lucky day. Just scroll down. : )

I've been "tagged" by Rebonka-heimer-giggly-sister to report my nicknames. These are going to take a while. I will have to break them up into different categories.

The Bubba Series - First of all, you should know that I do in fact enjoy Big League Chew, but this is not because I think it looks like I'm chewing tobacky. The Bubba reference should not be confused with that of a southern flavor... And we begin.

  1. Bubba Jones: Is it just me, or is this the masculine form of Barbara Jayne? My dad is the only one who got away with this one, because I figure since I was the fourth girl, I should at least give him something.
  2. Bubba Scrubba: Who needs a bath, anyway?
  3. Bubbalicious: Okay, I lied. This was only a thought, because I liked gum. Please refer to the prologue again if you're confused.

The Obvious Series - These nicknames may be obvious already.

  1. Barb: Duh...
  2. Babs: Is that obvious?
  3. Peanut: If you saw me, you'd think this was obvious.
  4. Barb Wire: I'd love it if I married someone with the last name, "Dwyer", That'd be hott.
  5. Barbarella: Uh-huh.
  6. Barbie: That was a painfully long wait. I think Mattell must be insulted.

The Weirdo Series - These are things that only Weirdos think of. You may want to question yourself.

  1. Bar: Or maybe that's just lazy talk...
  2. Barf: That's creative, in a weird, sort of offensive way...
  3. Barfara: Okay, now you're freaking me out.
  4. Barf-all-over-my-face: We have reached Weirdo status.
  5. Barfara Puker: Such a lovely combination of names to be. I may as well be a GPK.

What? You don't know what a GPK is? Weirdo...


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