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Monday, May 16, 2005

Baby's Babies

Baby Jayne slept under the covers last night, as she sometimes does, and started having her kittens at about 2am. She had a kitten and then got confused and ran under the bed. I made sure the kitten could breathe and then I moved it onto a towel on the floor for Baby to see. Dora (who is Baby's mommy, so technically the grandma) came along and finally started to clean the kitten. She was teaching Baby what to do!

Once Baby figured it out, I moved the kitten into a short box and Baby followed me to the nook I made for her. She kept cleaning the kitten and maybe an hour later, she let out another howl and had a second kitten before I even got in the room! At this point, Dora came to see what was new and she gave Baby a little slap in the face! I don't know why. Maybe she was jealous because she can't have kittens anymore. Maybe Baby was doing it all wrong. Or maybe Dora was mad because when she had her kittens, it took a lot longer and was more painful!

Adam watched her for me so I could get some sleep (today is his day off) and later assured me that everyone was fine and Baby was feeding her kittens. I said I hoped she just had the two and that's it. Well, a few minutes later she howled again, so that wasn't it. Adam said, "You had to say something, didn't you?" and we laughed. I went to check on her, but she didn't need me, so I went back to sleep.

This morning there were still three kittens. Baby looks relaxed, so I don't think she'll have any more. When I got up to see her, she showed them off to me, all happy. She was feeding them all, they are doing fine. So in 8 weeks or sooner, Dad is going to sit at the bottom of his driveway with all three of them in a box and a sign that says, "KITTENS, $5" at least that's what Geoff says.


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