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Wednesday, May 11, 2005

I'm a Loser, You're a Loser

I happened to catch Imus in the Morning (radio show) today and I guess he was talking about how blogs are making the news. He said, "Anyone who writes or reads a blog is a LOSER!" to which I said, "Hey!" and you might have, too.

He is obviously just jealous because it's just another form of journalism that's interfering with his work! Yeah!

Well that's not going to stop me from writing stuff. I hope it doesn't stop you from reading stuff. I'm used to being called a loser, after all, I have three older sisters. "Loser" was practically the only word in their vocabulary. But if Imus had said, "Anyone who writes or reads a blog is a GREASE MONKEY!", well, that might make me cry.


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