I like to talk about stuff. I also like to complain about stuff. So, this is my stuff.

Thursday, July 20, 2006


Adam likes to point at something across the room when it's time to lick his plate clean. He's a dedicated member of the Clean Plate Club. His best one is, "Aww, look at Moo Moo!" I can't believe how many times I've fallen for it, and it's very entertaining when I realize the cat is not actually in a cute pose and turn around to find him buried in ceramic.

Last night he was licking his plate on the way into the kitchen and I caught him. It was funny. I didn't say anything at all, just rubbed his back so he'd know I was right there. He turned around real quick and said, "Shhh!" and went right back to licking the plate.

I don't know if you had to be there, but it was really funny. He didn't mean to shush me, he was just frustrated! It didn't make any sense! So now I've been shushing him just for fun! I'm going to send him a text message saying, "Shhh!" and I hope you do, too. It will be funny. Please give us a call tonight and say "Shhh!" when he answers. We are going to have so much fun with this. He might never lick a plate again.

Shower Stuff

We need to get some bar soap for the shower. Just regular bar soap.
What is all that stuff in there, anyway? There's like, 10 bottles in there and no soap.
There's a bottle of body wash in there.
That green stuff? Not anymore. I used the last of it.
Oh yeah, it was running low...
How many shampoos do you need? And what is all the other crap in there?
I use my new shampoo, the others are leftover for you to use... Then I use the conditioner (there's only one) and sometimes I use the color glaze.
Color glaze? Oh, you mean that brown stuff? I was going to use that until I squirted it in my hand...
Don't waste it...
What's that stuff in the pink bottle?
Um... you mean the peach bottle?
Whatever, it's fruity?
St. Ives Apricot Scrub... it's a facewash.
What is with that stuff?
I squirted some on the puff, since we ran out of soap, and it was like... solid...
*laughs harder*
So I picked it up and squished it, and there was like... sand in it...
Yeah, honey, don't try to use that for body wash!
What the hell is the sand for?
It exfoliates.
We need some bar soap.

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Stay Away from the Blanket.

Look. I have been working on this blanket since late May when I got my appendix out. I am finally putting the 192 pieces together; it's a very exciting thing. But my cat has GOT to stop messing around with it.

First, Baby caught a bird and tore it up in the living room in the vicinity of the pieces. No harm, no foul, no pun intended.

Then she threw up on 6 of the pieces. Oh believe me, I was freaking out.

Tonight she caught a mouse outside, brought it in, and buried it under the blanket.

Behold the blanket:

Does it look like a burial ground to you? No. It doesn't. Does it look like a good place to throw up? No. It doesn't. Does it look like something you are going to want to drape over yourself now that you know what's been done to it? No. It really doesn't.