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Thursday, July 20, 2006

Shower Stuff

We need to get some bar soap for the shower. Just regular bar soap.
What is all that stuff in there, anyway? There's like, 10 bottles in there and no soap.
There's a bottle of body wash in there.
That green stuff? Not anymore. I used the last of it.
Oh yeah, it was running low...
How many shampoos do you need? And what is all the other crap in there?
I use my new shampoo, the others are leftover for you to use... Then I use the conditioner (there's only one) and sometimes I use the color glaze.
Color glaze? Oh, you mean that brown stuff? I was going to use that until I squirted it in my hand...
Don't waste it...
What's that stuff in the pink bottle?
Um... you mean the peach bottle?
Whatever, it's fruity?
St. Ives Apricot Scrub... it's a facewash.
What is with that stuff?
I squirted some on the puff, since we ran out of soap, and it was like... solid...
*laughs harder*
So I picked it up and squished it, and there was like... sand in it...
Yeah, honey, don't try to use that for body wash!
What the hell is the sand for?
It exfoliates.
We need some bar soap.


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